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Make A Wonderful Life With Living Room Ceiling Light Ideas

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Make A Wonderful Life With Living Room Ceiling Light Ideas

Living room is the room which can be used for accept the guest and also a place for chatting with the families. So that the living room must be made as wonderful as possible in order that you, guests, and families feel comfort in the room.  There are so many ideas that be applied by you in decorating the living room, so that make your life always happy. One of them is by using ceiling lights. The illumination of the light is able to make the room more beautiful.  But it is just not it, you have to choose the right color, furniture, and also determine the design that will be used.
living room design ideas with ceiling light

Ceiling light is always used in all home design whether it is the modern, contemporary, traditional, and much more. But the ceiling light is often used in the modern home design. So you can try applying the modern design in your living room. So the first step is to choose the color for the room, and you can try applying white as the base color because the white is identical with the modern design. You also can combine it by making wall treatment with the cream color by making the focal point, so the room will look colorful and not clumsy. You also can use the black furniture which will make the room more elegant with the simple and modern glass table. You also can focus to the focal point with adding the television that hang on the wall and also wall shelves to save the ornaments.
Modern Living Room Design Ceiling Light Ideas

To make the room feel warm, you also can add the fireplace that is made modern design where on the top you can add the photos for decoration. To make the beauty of your living room, you can make the ceiling light that has box shape that around the living room. And you can add the luxurious chandelier to make the room more beautiful.
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Awesome design, i love it

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lumayan nambah imajinasi buat desain ruangan

nice decoration, can applying in my house...

wish one day i can decorate my room like those room... :P anyway need a lot of art feeling to build comfortable room

Nice i like it

nice bro, i love your design

Design yang super elegan dan mantap min, jadi inspirasi

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